Lac-Beauport – Quebec city area


Tourist area of

A small town in a large forest, Lac-Beauport is located in the greater Quebec City area. Despite its small size, Lac-Beauport hosts a wide range of recreational and tourist attractions and is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts year-round.

Just 15 km from downtown Quebec City, Lac-Beauport is offers a restful stay in a tranquil setting, surrounded by lakes, mountains and forests. Nature lovers of all ages will delight in its natural beauty.

Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, golf, beach, fishing in summer and winter, hiking, sailing club (paddle boat, windsurfing, rowboat, beach, etc.), dog sledding, horseback riding, snowmobiling, skating rink, sugar shack and more. You’ll never be bored in Lac-Beauport!
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